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A unique way of taking advantage of the beautiful summer is to take a weekend break to Rome and explore the city riding a bike. Cycling around the city will allow you to discover some of the lesser known areas that are not on the more beaten path that visitors to the city take. Here is a guide to finding the best route that takes in all the unusual, yet still beautiful, attractions.

Before You Start

The best way to start your adventure is to take public transport such as a bus or a train into the middle of town, and from there find a place to rent a bike. The best routes are the ones that take into account the various bike paths which may not be so readily available in the busy city centre, or those that cross the Tiber from the banks allowing you to enjoy the natural beauty of the city. The bike rental should also include your safety equipment such as your helmet which, is important should you wish to avoid any serious accidents.

Proposed Route

This proposed route is roughly 16 miles long and offers you plenty of opportunities to see a variety of attractions whilst enjoying the city from a different point of view. Another good thing about this particular route is that it is mostly downhill, meaning you won’t have to be a fitness fanatic to be able to complete it.

Your starting point is at Ponte Milvio, where there are plenty of newly constructed bike paths that allow you to cycle down the banks of the Tiber. The new bike paths are extremely useful in avoiding traffic, and you’ll be able to take in the natural scenery all along the river. From here you will cycle on past the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Foro Italico before passing the Ponte Cavour.

Past Ponte Cavour

After you have passed the Ponte Cavour you will be approaching a brilliant area filled with monuments that are truly remarkable. You can see the Castel S. Angelo and the Vatican before heading over the cobblestoned bridge of Vittorio Emanuele, walking along the slopes of the Giancolo. If you are thinking of taking a weekend break to Rome to enjoy some of the attractions.

After you have admired some of the beautiful architecture while sipping on a drink in the Piazza Sisto, you can head off to the access point to the Trilussa Tiber Island where the river ferries set sail to cross the river. Take the ferry over and follow the bike path that leads onto the Portaportese before you reach the Eur Magliana.

Take a little time to enjoy the surrounding religious monuments before you cycle a bit further on to the station, where you can finish your journey and take the train back to the centre of the city - fresh in the knowledge you have seen more of Rome than most people do in two weeks.

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