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Italian F1 Grand prix - Monza

Monza F1 Grand Prix - Italian F1

The F1 Grand Prix held in Italy is an excellent reason to travel to the Northern Italy, with the F1 at Monza one of the most popular in the F1 calendar. The Grand Prix is held annually at the Autodromo Nazionale Monza in Lombardy and one of the best ways for travellers to get to the Monza venue is from Milan. They can choose to take the train from Centrale or Garibaldi Station or take the ATM bus line.

Monza’s main train and bus stations are located near the centre of the city. There are also special train trips that cater specifically to tourists travelling to Monza during the Grand Prix. During this time, cars are not allowed to enter the city to make way for the races.

The Grand Prix circuit is located in the Parco di Monza. The park is a beautiful natural reserve that is worth seeing as a stand alone attraction. The whole course is Italian F1 racing ticketsenormous and spectators can only see small sections of it at a time. It is recommended that visitors to the Italian F1 Grand Prix pick a location near one of the many large viewing screens scattered throughout the Parco di Monza. The track measures almost 6000km (approx 3.5 miles).

There are also a number of travel companies who offer Italian Grand Prix Packages for sports fans. These packages include hotel accommodation and tickets to the race and transportation during race days via shuttle buses.

The Italian Grand Prix is usually held in the month of September and lasts for 3 days, with the first day is dedicated to driver practice runs; the second day for qualifying and day three is when the actual race is held.

Circuit: Monza, Italy.


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